How Renault tried fooling the living wits out of the Indian consumer

In what could have been termed an act of deliberate spreading of wrong information aimed at exploitation of consumers, Renault stands out with its launch advertisement of the new Renault Captur in the Indian market. Captur, the latest model of its crossover which Renault claims to be a ‘global model’ has also been advertised by the company as all of the following.

The reality however is that maybe only one of those claims is true.

Renault Captur to be launched in India is based on the Duster platform, a model that used to be marketed by Renault under the Renault Duster brand name (which is a product of the Dacia B0 platform). The Renault Captur that is entitled to atleast 5 of the 6 felicitations in the image above is based on the Clio platform. The Clio platform based Captur that is being marketed in Europe.

The Duster platform based Captur
Renault Duster has been one of the significant cash cows for the company since its introduction. The Duster albeit being paraded as a powerful luxuryish SUV does not stand its ground when it comes to safety tests. In the global NCAP test done in the UK earlier in 2017, Renault Duster’s Indian version got disappointing 0 star rating for child as well as driver safety. The Indian version with airbags however scored 3 stars out of 5. However, it was noticed that the same platform being sold in South America had a larger airbag, scoring 4 stars out of 5. As the David Ward, secretary general, Global NCAP noted, “Renault produces the Duster in a number of markets and yet it seems content to provide a version for India which falls so far short on safety”.

The new Captur that Renault is planning to launch in the Indian market is based on the above mentioned platform. For all we know, the changes to the stressed and impact members of the platform frame are going to be minimal. This means that the changes made in turning it from a Renault Duster to a Renault Captur is only cosmetic. The Duster based Captur has already been launched in Russia, and the company is supposedly planning to launch the same in the BRICS markets.

The Clio platform based Captur
The Clio based Captur has been built from the Renault B platform, the same platform that the Renault-Nissan alliance bases some of their best-selling models on. The model debuted in the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and started being marketed in France in early April 2013.

Apart from the shape of the body and the company producing the models, there is nothing substantially similar between the Duster platform and the Clio platform. This runs to the extent that the Clio platform is actually shorter than the Duster platform, possess better drive-ability and significantly better safety features. This is evident from the fact that the Clio platform based Captur achieved a five star rating at the 2013 EuroNCAP tests. Between its standard safety equipment, it has three point seat belts, two airbags, cruise control, speed limiter, ESC, ABS and audible and visual seat belt reminder warnings.

What Renault has committed here is a shameless act in order to sell their products well. The model that they are going to sell to the Indian customers neither have the acknowledgements listed in the advertisement, nor is it a “global model” unlike what Renault India CEO Sumit Sawhney claims. After the initial outrage on the internet about the same, the company was found to have removed their advertisement. But thanks to petrolheads, there is still a copy saved for you to watch and rewatch.

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