Design Engineering vs Iterative Engineering  


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12/02/2018 10:33 pm  

Hey guys, I am basically from the production side of Engineering. But I have always wondered from the interactions with design engineers whether  engineering by iteration was better than engineering with design. The basis of this doubt is that with iterative engineering, you try out all the minor dimensioning in the design stage and that in itself would be initial validation. When that is followed by actual testing, I feel that the design would be more robust than just calculating values and designing the part. I don't know if I am right or not. Just a thought that came into my mind.

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13/02/2018 9:49 am  

Design is based on theory. Iterative engineering is based on tries. Given enough time, I guess iterative engineering is more robust. But the amount of time and resources it consumes is way too much for its practical worldwide applications. This is the reason that CAE is replacing testing when it comes to the first validation proof during development. Given enough time and money anything is possible. The problem is that none of those are unlimited.


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